2 types of leaders required to build a business

There are 2 types of leaders required to create a business: 
1. Reactive Creators 2. Proactive Operators

If you’re a solo founder you need to master both.

But here's the scoop.

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Igor Krasnik
Jan 24, 2024

It's almost impossible to combine both "creator" and "operator" mindsets

Ray Dalio wrote that if you can combine both mindsets, than you’re a genius. Yeah, the genius.

And FYI Ray Dalio is one of the richest people out there. He is also super smart, authentic and ahead of his time.

Here is how these mindsets are different and why they both are required to succeed.

Creators and Operators

How are they different?

Reactive Creators

• always ready to take new big challenges and adventures
• excited about new opportunities and let them in fast
• don’t need a guide to start, just a big idea or pure energy enough to move forward
• organised poorly; they can overwhelm and stress out fast
• have hard time scaling their skills as they lack systems

Proactive Operators

• need some defined steps to follow so they can create the enormous value; otherwise they can be confused
• can say “no” to overwhelming opportunities and stay focused; but may miss too much opportunities
• organised smart, so they know how much they can optimise or squeeze in
• can scale the process by hiring people and automation
• can ensure that the different parts of the system work the right way

Are you  👩‍🎨 a creator or 🤓 an operator? 

Live answers from the community

Switch between mindsets

When you're starting a business and need to find out what people find valuable you need to be a "creator". Connect with hundreds of people, keep in touch, help them solve their problems fast.

Once you get enough validation and payments, you should switch to "operator" mode. Analyze what you've created, what feedback you've got and what processes you repeat often.

Combining these mindsets is far from easy. It's super hard. But you can slowly develop small habits from both sides that will greatly increase your leverage.

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