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Embed content feed on your website to build a stronger brand

Curate aggregated feed of your social media posts, articles, videos, docs.. and all the other content you publish elsewhere.

2,000+ creators already building their momentum

Squeeze more out of your content.
Reuse your best pieces of content to gain the trust from your audience and prospects. Get more views on the content you already published.

Submit your links to Momentum to embed the feed like this 👇


No code, no friction.
Feed updates automatically once the link is submitted. No website changes required.

* You need to embed a script once on setup.

Feature your best content and make your page live

Embed any link

Literally any link from anywhere. You name it.

eg. YouTube, LinkedIn, Medium, Blog Post, Product URL, video/audio file.

Momentum will fetch meta tags so you can submit your link right away.

Improve link appearance

Edit title, description and banner for links to improve their look.

Modify date to create the historical feed.

Set auto-play GIF banner.

Win their attention.

Customize styles to fit your page

Edit colors and number of cards shown on your page.

See what posts perform

See how many times a post was clicked

Invite your team (or curate alone)
Show the individuals standing behind your brand. Feature their content and let them submit their links directly.

Get started in minutes 👉


Create a Momentum stream for your product (< 1 min)


Submit your first link (< 1 min)


Embed the feed to your website (~ 5 min)

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Momentum is in alpha and is will be much bigger soon.

Momentum is a set of creator tools to build in public and grow startup audience early. We launch features as separate micro-saas to learn what resonates best.

We use Momentum to turn Paralect (a startup studio of 200+) into a media company.

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